[tz] Proposal for new rules

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Fri Aug 30 11:44:19 UTC 2013

Stephen Colebourne said:
> Yep, LMT is clearly dodgy, but its the best we have. The core problem
> is what does the tzdb say that the offset was for times before the
> earliest zone.

I would suggest that we need a flag saying "standard time starts here" with
the implication that times before that point are LMT; UIs would then have
to ask for the *actual* location, not just the biggest city, to determine
what LMT is.

(For example, Great Britain is one zone in the database, and has always
been one zone since GMT was adopted. But before that each town used its own
LMT and there were lawsuits hinging in the difference. You even see public
clocks with two minutes hands - one GMT and one LMT.)

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