[tz] [PATCH] New file 'pre1970' for zones that differ only in pre-1970 time stamps.

Steffen Daode Nurpmeso sdaoden at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 12:01:52 UTC 2013

Stephen Colebourne <scolebourne at joda.org> wrote:
 |I oppose this direction for the tzdb on principle.

What i thought about this project (and that was my impression from
the datasets, the only thing i deal[t] with) that there is
a strategy of «best effort».
I.e., data is collected and integrated if it seems reasonable.
It was clear to me that there is a fuzzy point in the past, for
which data cannot be accurate.

 |TL;DR: The tzdb isn't broken. Don't fix it.

Therefore i fail to understand the entire direction, and agree
with this statement.

It seems a lot of people only use the data, not the code.
I don't know about an alternative dataset of equal quality that
could be used by those people.

Therefore, and to me, it seems to be better to leave the data
alone and only adjust the tools.

If adjusting the tools is accepted by the consumers of these
tools, then if that requires additional data to work, then this
new data should be placed into a new file.

 |I encourage others who simply want to see tzdb ID history preserved
 |without change (and a focus placed back on current Government changes)
 |to add a +1 to this email.



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