[tz] Dealing with Pre-1970 Data

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sat Aug 31 22:29:26 UTC 2013

Paul Eggert wrote:
> And even the UK entries, which are the best we
> have, don't cover all the history of standard time in the
> UK, much less pre-standard time.  For more about this,
> please see Myers's nice summary
> <http://www.polyomino.org.uk/british-time/>.

That includes the fine detail on why the Isle of Man is very slightly different 
to London time prior to 1968, but does highlight some material that has still to 
be verified. However it ALSO highlights that things are progressing nicely while 
documents like this lay dormant! For example the first missing document is now 
on line, along with a number of additional IOM documents.
a year ahead of the world game but still behind developments in the UK :)

While I accept that a lot of historic material has been lost, the digitization 
of many government archives is finding a lot of information that WAS thought to 
be lost. Until the question is asked we can't definitively say material is no 
longer available, and this forum is the ideal location to consolidate 
specifically time related material?

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