[tz] Australian Timezone Abreviations (Daylight Savings Time) [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Shaun Bouckaert shaun.bouckaert at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 00:31:58 UTC 2013

I would like to add my own voice to this issue once again. Over the
last couple of years I've brought this up, and a few times quite a bit
of support has been there.

One of the issues in trying to get people to be consistent with their
use of timezones is that a lot of timezone notation comes straight
from tzdata, and trying to establish what use has been intentional and
what use is simply because that's the current state of the tzdata is
not easy.

There was also a collection of sources gathered that compared what
formats were common amongst different organisations, which showed,
IIRC, that the AXXX formats were not uncommon, and were one of the
more common formats.

I also remember finding that at the time the BOM encouraged the use of
the AXXX timezones and listed "technical reasons" as to being why they
also used the XXX timezones.


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