[tz] Fw: Asia/Jakarta timezone acronym is misleading [RECAP]

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A deputy minister said the idea has been abandoned (30 January 2013: http://bisnis.news.viva.co.id/news/read/386333-penyatuan-zona-waktu-indonesia-batal) after missed two target dates: 17 August (Independence day) and 28 October 2012 ([[:en:Youth Pledge]] day)

Then the minister himself said that it's not abandoned (9 February 2013: http://economy.okezone.com/read/2013/02/09/320/759298/hatta-penyatuan-zona-waktu-tidak-batal), only without any target date

Moral of the story: can't believe anything the ministry said



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Did Indonesia abandon their move toward having one time zone for the whole country?  I remember reading that a majority of the population was in favor of the change.
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On 14 February 2013 01:03, Benny <bknliem at yahoo.com> wrote:
As for the English names, I propose they're changed into Western Time of Indonesia (WTI), Central Time of Indonesia (CTI), Eastern Time of Indonesia (CTI). According to http://www.statoids.com/tid.html the English equivalent (translation) are: Western Indonesia Standard Time (WIST), Central Indonesia Standard Time (CIST), Eastern Indonesia Standard Time (EIST).

Since the main idea behind this proposal is simply to avoid confusion with acronyms commonly used in the local language, I would support simply adding S to form WIST, CIST, and EIST.  This would be a relatively simple change as, although the four Indonesian zone IDs have shifted offsets several times, it does not appear that any have used DST in their historical entries.  This would meet the goal of disambiguating from conflicting local acronyms to the benefit of Indonesian-speaking users of this database, while still maintaining readability to English-speaking users.
Of course, the actual display of such abbreviations in any production software would remain largely an issue of localization.

Tim Parenti
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