[tz] Simplification and unification of scheme:// anchors

Steffen Daode Nurpmeso sdaoden at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 18:02:31 UTC 2013

Btw. -- i will not put any more effort in that.

I remember the first time that i got in contact with TZ database
files including Theory, and i was on fire at a glance.
I did not know many things that i've read even about my own
country, Germany.  You do not learn things like that, even on the
academic high school (»Gymnasium«).  And that is a real pity.
But this yet shows up one of the problems that i would encounter;
if done the *right* way, it would be necessary to add a lot of
cross-references and cites etc., in a way that would be
machine-parseable; i.e., just buy a book from Oxford University
Press, like ``Ivanhoe'', and you know what i mean..
So this, if done *right*, would take a man year, or even more.
If i would be a professor i think i would have students that would
be hooked, though ...

In general it's a pity that you learn years and years of 3rd
Reich, after-war land reform and the »Defenestration of Prague«,
but don't know what time it is in the end.


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