[tz] [PATCH] Updates for Chile 2013

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Feb 21 07:50:30 UTC 2013

On 02/20/2013 04:42 PM, Robert Elz wrote:
> So, the patch above just assumes that the 2012/2013 strategy will continue
> forwards

Thanks, that sounds like the best guess.  I'll soon send out a proposed
patch along these lines.  Along with this I'll send out some lower-priority
patches that have been accumulating.  The only other patch worth noting is
one that will allow 24:00 as a valid UTC offset in the POSIX string at the
end of binary version-2-format time zone files.  Formerly, zic limited this
to 23:59:59, but the 2008 edition of POSIX changed to allow 24:00 and tzfile.5
specifies POSIX so this will fix zic to match the documented behavior.
People who write binary tz file readers may need to adjust them accordingly.

There should be 7 proposed patches total.  I've updated the github experimental
repository to contain these patches.

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