[tz] TZ file comments UTF-8? Bastardized HTML? (was Re: Busingen revisited)

John Hawkinson jhawk at mit.edu
Mon Jan 14 19:32:38 UTC 2013

Ian Abbott <abbotti at mev.co.uk> wrote on Mon, 14 Jan 2013
at 18:16:55 +0000 in <50F44B97.4000808 at mev.co.uk>:

> with:
> # Since 1998 Joseph S. Myers has been updating
> # and extending this list, which can be found in
> # History of legal time in Britain
> # (<http://student.cusu.cam.ac.uk/~jsm28/british-time/>).

I find this whole bracketting annoying and tough to deal with
when copy-pasting URLs. What's wrong with no special markup at all:

# History of legal time in Britain
# http://student.cusu.cam.ac.uk/~jsm28/british-time/.

--jhawk at mit.edu
  John Hawkinson

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