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It surprises me that there is disagreement among Bangladesh newspapers regarding the abbreviation of their own time zone.  I remember before the internet newspapers (and encyclopedias) were the ultimate source for settling pub disputes.  That is why I failed to confirm my finding with additional newspapers.

timeanddate.com has been using BST as well.  I hate ambiguous time zone designations (especially the king of them all, CST, which can mean UTC-6, UTC-5, UTC+8, UTC+9:30 or UTC+10:30), and I suspect that it was the ambiguity that drove bdnews24 to switch from using BST (which stands also for British Summer Time) to using BdST, especially since Bangladesh was once a British colony.  I plan to check periodically to see if a trend is underway.

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Thanks for the heads-up.  A Google search of "Bangladesh Standard Time site:bd"
from UCLA yielded the following examples:



>From this admittedly limited sample, it would appear that the most common abbreviation is "BST", with "BDST" being used by banglanews24 but being rare elsewhere.

Perhaps the TZ database should switch to "BST"?

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