[tz] zdump no longer reports gmtoff

Marvel, Jim (CPCOE) Jim.Marvel at honeywell.com
Wed Jan 30 20:46:04 UTC 2013

Using ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Using tz 2012 j code/data

Tested each timezone mentioned in zone.tab, by zdump-ing each one.
Observed that each timezone had two lines that reported NULL, then a bunch of nice-looking pairs-of-lines, then two lines that reported "NULL"

I understand that this could be caused if you are using a 64 bit ubuntu on a 32-bit machine....
...I may have !!! migrated to a 32-bit ubuntu on a 32-bit machine...

The lines at the earliest/latest transition for each timezone are no longer "NULL"-containing (they mention 1901 and 2038, which I understand)

What is breaking my heart is "Why did the lines drop off the gmtoff value, now ending with the isdst value?"

Saw somewhere that tm_gmtoff is a GNU extension that may not be visible...
Please "illuminate"


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