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The Legal I was referring to is contracts with local unions. Bonuses, and 
merits are based on production counts. Production counts are collected 
from these machines.

I did not write the contracts, nor is anyone from Plant Floor IT involved. 
As usually, we have to try and live up to what our lawyers promise.

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> All, 
> Believe me I appreciate all of the work done on this. 
> However, my appreciation of the work and effort does not change the 
legal ramifications. 

Legal ramifications?  I would hope it is clear from all the documentation 
that comes with the tz data, but if you are thinking of legal 
ramifications you're entirely on your own.  Just like any other open 
source effort, there are NO warrantees in the tz project.  If you need 
something better than "as is, when available", you should look elsewhere. 
If your execs don't understand this, please show them the relevant 


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