[tz] Discussion in ECMA about tz identifiers in JavaScript [Scanned]

Goudge, Stephen stephen.goudge at petards.com
Tue Mar 5 09:55:41 UTC 2013

> As per an earlier suggestion I may have made, should we pick a bunch of numerical identifiers for all zones,
> make *those* the official zone IDs, leave the old names behind as aliases, and thus avoid having to worry about

For some years I've been running precisely that list, in a C enum, which is being used in an embedded environment (we store the numeric id in the embedded system's config which then writes it out into every data packet, along with a sensible UTC value; the desktop data display programs then display UTC and local time for wherever that embedded device happens to live).
This was mentioned in an email many years ago but didn't garner any interest so I've not publicised it much since.

However, it'd be really useful to me (!) if this list (and the enum, as example code) could become part of the tz distribution...

>>That discussion seems to be predicated on the assumption that tz zone 
>>names can and do "disappear", but they don't.  For example, we renamed 
>>Asia/Calcutta to Asia/Kolkata, but kept the old name as an alias for 
>>the new one.

>Have any tz id's ever disappeared in the past? 
>Even if they have, perhaps the tz project could guarantee that none will disappear in the future.
>--apb (Alan Barrett)

I think that there *was* one zone that appeared, was deemed to be a mistake a few weeks later and then disappeared again, within the last couple of years; I'll have to check my records when I get home to verify this, but I certainly recall my validation routines throwing up errors about this.


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