[tz] Cuba DST start as US/Canada

Hank W. hankw1 at austin.rr.com
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To summarize North America, Cuba now begins and ends DST on the same dates
as the United States, Canada, the Thule area of Greenland, Saint-Pierre and
Miquelon, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Mexican
cities of Tijuana, Mexicali, Ciudad Juarez, Ojinaga, Ciudad Acuña, Piedras
Negras, Anáhuac, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa & Matamoros (the 2nd Sun. of March
until the 1st Sun. of Nov.).  However, although Cuba time is the same as New
York time, Cuba begins DST two hours before New York and ends DST one hour
before New York.  In other words, Cuba begins DST at the same time as the
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Islands and ends DST at the same time as New
Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Unfortunately, unlike Europe, all of which does
the time change at the same time (with the exception of Azerbaijan, which
changes one hour earlier), the change happens in each North American time
zone at 2 AM local time.  The only places in North America that do DST on a
different schedule now are most of Greenland, which changes at the same
times as Europe, and the balance of México (except Sonora, which doesn't do
DST), which still follows the same schedule the U.S., Canada and the others
followed until 2006, the 1st Sun. of April until the last Sun. of Oct.

Hank W.
Time Lord Wannabe
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FYI: Granma, the official organ of the government confirms a 2013-03-10 DST
start this year. The database already assumes this, so no change is
necessary, but Cuba has had different rules the past two years, so it was
not obvious that this would be the start date this year.


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