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It came up as an aside in the earlier discussion about moving to uintmax_t, but I was wondering - is there any interest in a port to windows? I've got most of the way to a successful zic port (other tools don't work so well yet - everything compiles, but there are subtle incompatibilities that cause problems for the library functions)


I use the tz data under Windows: I use a heavily-modified (and compiled as C++) version of zic, which generates a single file, basically a Zip archive, containing all the compiled tz data and aliases (including extra ones for the Windows idea of timezones). This file is then loaded by a C++ library which contains a heavily-modified form of the tz formatting code to allow multiple timezones to be used within a single application.

In day-to-day use I'm not attempting to use the tz code to in place of the C library routines, so am not reliant on always being able to compile and use the latest tz code. However, it is very useful to be able to compile and run it, in order to double-check my zic-alike and formatting routines - and, as they originated with tz code some years ago, copy across the odd code fix.

So, I'm always interested in whether zic & tz code can be built and run under Windows and am happier when it does.

Now for the horror story - for various reasons (which are not up for argument and I know all the pros and cons) I am still supporting MSVC 6! And don't have any immediate plans to move to more recent versions of MSVC (hoping to move to GCC/MinGW instead). Just so long as the code uses typedefs for the various integer sizes and doesn't have piles of "long long" etc in the C files I'm quite used to providing a header patch for whatever is the spelling-du-jour for "32 bit unsigned int".

For what its worth, I've always been intending to share the above C++ code, along with my earlier mentioned enumeration of time zones (giving each a small integer instead of a string name) but simply haven't so far (and it is very old code!) - if anyone is interested I'll tryto figure out a way to share it sensibly.


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