[tz] Ambiguous abbreviations for Australian timezones when daylight savings is in affect

Paul_Koning at Dell.com Paul_Koning at Dell.com
Fri Mar 29 14:05:29 UTC 2013

On Mar 28, 2013, at 9:09 PM, David Patte ₯ wrote:

> I believe we should have a vote on this, because it comes up too often, and there seem to be a few strong voices that are blocking this from being resolved. The vote should only provide two options: should we stay with the current australian tz abbreviations or not.
> If not, then we can vote on what we prefer.
> For those blocking this from being fixed, the most common excuse is that tz is not supposed to impose its own abbreviations upon its users, but by not going with anything the Australians are using -  tz is doing exactly that.

I believe the current state of the tz data comes from the observation that there were conflicting statements about Australian practice, with no one clearly more authoritative or prevalent than the others.

Given the link posted by Timothy Arceri -- a government website about timezones -- it would seem to make sense to adopt what that says.


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