[tz] Ambiguous abbreviations for Australian timezones when daylight savings is in affect

David Patte ₯ dpatte at relativedata.com
Sun Mar 31 06:41:21 UTC 2013

You make a very good point, that unless a usable unambiguous system of 
abbreviations in tz is adopted for Australia, there is a serious risk of 
the database becoming fragemented as different OS providers patch the 
database according to their own preferences, adding to the confusion.

It is for this reason I feel strongly that tz has a responsibility to 
adopt SOME abbreviations that at least differentiate between standard 
and daylight/summer time, before others users of the database do.

Related, are there any estimates of how many computer systems currently 
use the tz database, and potentially suggest thecurrent ambiguous 
abbreviations to potential users?

  in their own way On 2013-03-31 2:24, Stuart Bishop wrote:
> If  the position really is that it will never
> change, just make a statement to that effect so we can petition our OS
> providers to patch the database and move on.


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