[tz] Ambiguous abbreviations for Australian timezones when daylight savings is in affect

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Sun Mar 31 07:28:42 UTC 2013

Guy Harris said:
> My vote is to pick the one that the fewest Australians who actually bother to voice an opinion on this dislike,

The problem is that we hear from the ones who want a change. The ones who
want the status quo have much less incentive to speak.

So if we did change them to a new set, we could well end up getting the
same argument again, but this time the CWT etc. people would be complaining
and filling up my mailbox while the AEZT people would be saying "there
isn't consensus - no need to change it".

I don't have a personal stake in this (one reason I deliberatly used
mutilated abbreviations) apart from a belief that we need stability. Has
anyone tried talking to their MP about this? There must be at least one who
would be interested in getting this sorted out, and national legislation [1]
*is* the right place to make it authoritative.

[1] If this is something delegated to the states, it's still your nation
that has to sort it out.

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