[tz] Wrong Cuba date in 2004

Steffen Thorsen thorsen at timeanddate.com
Mon Nov 11 20:31:45 UTC 2013

It appears the wrong date for DST start in Cuba in 2004 is in the 
database. It does not follow the same rules as the years before.

The correct date should be Sunday 2004-03-28 00:00 ("Mar lastSun" rather 
than "Apr Sun>=1").

Richard Andersen (TT) (which I believe is also on this list) pointed out 
the difference between
and the IANA rules for Cuba, which led me to investigate.

It appears I fixed this back when this was announced that year but 
unfortunately never reported it here.
We've recorded an old granma.cu article, now long gone:

But fortunately still available through the Wayback Machine:

Loosely translated to: "On Saturday, March 27 at midnight [end of day] 
clocks are moved ahead one hour, to begin this traditional schedule."

Best regards,
Steffen Thorsen - timeanddate.com

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