[tz] CIA confused about Cedros Island time zone?

Steve Jones stevejones at OnTimeZone.com
Wed Feb 5 17:58:42 UTC 2014

To follow up on my previous mention of the topic, here is an image 
that illustrates the problem:


(image available online at http://OnTimeZone.com/images/baja.gif)

I contacted an established business on the island and confirmed they 
observe Pacific time, not Mountain.  As I mentioned previously, the 
time zone border in the area follows the border between Baja and Baja 
Sur, which at that point runs directly east/west on the 28th parallel.

I had noticed that some maps (e.g. here.com nee navteq, 
http://here.com/27.8912314,-114.8358911,10,0,0,normal.day) show a 
ferry running between the island and Bahia Tortugas on the mainland 
in Baja Sur (which observes Mountain time).

I confirmed that the ferry does not, indeed, exist.  My contact had 
never even heard of it.

So a pure guess is that when the CIA first drew the map, the ferry 
was in existence and led to the island observing Mountain time - 
possibly unofficially, who knows - and that when the ferry went away 
the economic tie to Baja Sur went away with it, and the island (now 
served commercially only by air) reverted to Pacific time.  I have no 
evidence to support that guess.

I bring this to the attention of the list just in case this needs to 
be further investigated and to ensure that any history in the TZ db 
related to the affected area is accurate.


Steve Jones, St. Louis, MO

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