[tz] CIA confused about Cedros Island time zone?

Steve Jones stevejones at OnTimeZone.com
Thu Feb 6 00:10:47 UTC 2014

At 15:48 2/5/2014, vanadovv at hetnet.nl wrote:
>My 2 cents:
>(1) Isla Cedros is part of Ensenada, Baja California

Correct.  Baja is Pacific time, Baja Sur is mountain time.

>(2) The aeroport seems to be on UTC-7

I believe there is a good chance that record is incorrect.  If so it 
probably has its roots in the original CIA error.

http://www.gcmap.com/airport/CDI shows it to be Pacific Time, UTC-8 (DST-7).

I've sent an email to the two airlines that report offering charter 
service to the Island, seeking clarification.  The airport itself 
appears to be just an unmanned paved airstrip, so I don't know who 
else to contact for confirmation.


Steve Jones
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