[tz] Bill to return Russia 11 time zones

Alexander Krivenyshev wtz at worldtimezone.com
Wed Jul 2 14:08:06 UTC 2014

> 3. The following regions were in the 2011 list but are missing in the 
> 2014 list:
> Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky District UTC+11
> Anivsky District UTC+11
> Dolinsky District UTC+11
> Kholmsky District UTC+11
> Korsakovsky District UTC+11
> Kurilsky District (Kuril Islands) UTC+11
> Makarovsky District UTC+11
> Nevelsky District UTC+11
> Nogliksky District UTC+11
> Okhinsky District UTC+11
> Poronaysky District UTC+11
> Smirnykhovsky District UTC+11
> Tomarinsky District UTC+11
> Tymovsky District UTC+11
> Uglegorsky District UTC+11
> Yuzhno-Kurilsky District (Kuril Islands) UTC+11
> I am worried about (3).  Have these districts been abolished, or have 
> their 2014 time zones not been decided yet, or what?

all those Sakhalin regions (3)  were listed, and placed under UTC+10 
(MCK+7) under Russia Time Zone 9:
(I didn't get chance to put them, I will make update today):

Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky District UTC+10
Anivsky District UTC+10
Dolinsky District UTC+10
Kholmsky District UTC+10
Korsakovsky District UTC+10
Kurilsky District (Kuril Islands) UTC+10
Makarovsky District UTC+10
Nevelsky District UTC+10
Nogliksky District UTC+10
Okhinsky District UTC+10
Poronaysky District UTC+10
Smirnykhovsky District UTC+10
Tomarinsky District UTC+10
Tymovsky District UTC+10
Uglegorsky District UTC+10
Yuzhno-Kurilsky District (Kuril Islands) UTC+10

Yes, there are few more steps to finalise this Bill (by approval by 
Federation Council and to be signed by the President).

Alexander Krivenyshev, WorldTimeZone.com


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