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Glad to hear that! I also understand why it took so long to have this patch applied due to non-ASCII URL issue.

Besides, after my first mail, I’ve found more evidences about when the time zone was switched from UTC+9 back to UTC+8 after WW2. I believe it was on Sep 21, 1945. In a document during Japanese era [1] in which the officer told the staffs to change time zone back to Western Standard Time (UTC+8) on Sep 21. And in another history page of National Cheng Kung University [2], on Sep 21 there is a note “from today, switch back to Western Standard Time”. From these two materials, I believe that the time zone change happened on Sep 21.

And today I have found another monthly journal called “The Astronomical Herald” from The Astronomical Society of Japan [3] in which it mentioned the fact that:

1. Standard Time of the Country (Japan) was adopted on Jan 1, 1888, using the time at 135E (GMT+9)
2. Standard Time of the Country was renamed to Central Standard Time, on Jan 1, 1898, and on the same day, the new territories Taiwan and Penghu islands, as well as Yaeyama and Miyako islands, adopted a new time zone called Western Standard Time, which is in GMT+8.
3. Western Standard Time was deprecated on Sep 30, 1937. Form then all the territories of Japan adopted the same time zone, which is Central Standard Time.

This journal article is also being quoted in an Wikipedia article about Japan Standard Time [4]. I believe it would also good to quite this article rather than my self research.

Thanks for your kind response!

Yu-Cheng Chuang

[1] Academica Historica, Taiwan:
[2] Nat’l Cheng Kung University 70th Anniversary Special Site: http://www.ncku.edu.tw/~ncku70/menu/001/01_01.htm
[3] Yukio Niimi, The Standard Time in Japan (1997), p.475: http://www.asj.or.jp/geppou/archive_open/1997/pdf/19971001c.pdf

[4] http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%97%A5%E6%9C%AC%E6%A8%99%E6%BA%96%E6%99%82

On 2014年7月2日Wednesday at 09:33, Paul Eggert wrote:

> On 2013-07-11 Yu-Cheng Chuang wrote:
> > I hope that the history above helps you improve the Time Zone database.
> It did, and thank you! Sorry about the late reply, but since this was  
> about time stamps before 1946 there was no rush. I have installed the  
> attached patch into the experimental tz database on github and I hope  
> something like it will appear in the next release. One advantage of  
> waiting so long is that in the meantime we switched to UTF-8 commentary  
> in the database so it can now include URLs like  
> <http://ja.wikisource.org/wiki/標準時ニ關スル件_(公布時) (http://ja.wikisource.org/wiki/


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> - 0001-Correct-times-for-Asia-Taipei-before-1945-10-25.patch

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