[tz] Simplification and unification of scheme:// anchors

Steffen Nurpmeso sdaoden at yandex.com
Mon Jun 16 16:05:09 UTC 2014

Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
 |This is following up to a discussion in January 2013 about simplifying 
 |the use of URLs in the data, e.g.:
 |Steffen, thanks for putting all that work into it.  We can use the 
 |simplification of the data files, I think, even if we don't try to 
 |verify the URLs.  I pushed the attached patch into the experimental 
 |repository on gitub.

Oh please, i have to thank you instead for decades of working on
free software, really.  But should you be interested, the attached
patch uses (my rebased topic branch of last year, brought in sync
with) your style and should make all of TZ use it uniformly.

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