[tz] [PATCH] Fix a few more accents and hyphens, and update a name and a URL.

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Jun 18 07:42:26 UTC 2014

Philip Newton wrote:
> Did you mis-quote Guy Harris/did he misquote the OAG, and you’re
> merely correcting the citation?

¿Quién sabe?  I don't have Harris's 1987 email, nor do I have the 1987 
OAG.  I think it unlikely that the OAG would misspell "Mexicali" – and 
even if it did, it'd be OK for us to silently correct it, as the 
misspelling would have been inadvertent.

This spelling error was added to the tz database in 1988, by the way:


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