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Ian Abbott abbotti at mev.co.uk
Thu Jun 26 16:56:27 UTC 2014

On 2014/06/26 05:05 PM, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> "Clive D.W. Feather" <clive at davros.org> writes:
>> isascii isn't part of the C Standard. It is better to follow C, which says
>> that the argument to all the is* functions should be an unsigned char or
>> EOF (which is what getc() and friends return).
> It says that only about the functions that the C Standard defines.

zic.c will define isascii (as a function-like macro) if it doesn't
exist.  Unfortunately, it defines it like this:

#ifndef isascii
#define isascii(x) 1

which is pretty useless.  This would be more useful:

#define isascii(x) (!((x) & ~0x7f))

or possibly:

#define isascii(x) ((unsigned char)(x) < 128)

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