[tz] [PATCH] More spelling and accent fixes.

J Andrew Lipscomb silverpie2 at me.com
Mon Jun 30 18:55:07 UTC 2014

Le 30 juin 2014 à 06:40, "vanadovv at hetnet.nl" <vanadovv at hetnet.nl> a écrit :
> -Zone	Asia/Urumqi	5:50:20	-	LMT	1928 # Ürümqi or Urumchi
> +Zone	Asia/Urumqi	5:50:20	-	LMT	1928 # Ürümqi or Ürümchi
> The correct spelling of the Asian city at hand is Ürümchi, with two u-diaeresis.
> The github asia file has the correct spelling and the correct encoding.
> The diff file however gets mangled by some publishing process.
> Hence, the diff published through the mailing list is rather useless.
> I have a lot of text encoding conversion filters, but noone is able to decode the mangled "Ürümqi".
> It looks to me like a doubly UTF-8 encoded piece of text.

Classic mojibake. It's what you get if you encode Ürümqi as UTF-8, and then read the bytes as if they were Windows Latin-1.

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