[tz] Possible error in Europe/Kiev for 1991 - 1992

Alois Treindl alois at astro.ch
Sun Mar 2 15:33:53 UTC 2014

On 02.03.14 04:07, Brian Inglis wrote:

> Depends on what "the second time zone" means: relative to UTC, or
> relative to Russia?

I am sure in this context it means GMT + 2h, as this is consistently in 
all sources I am aware of the standard time of Kiev, since that date.

As I cannot understand the Ukrainian language directly, I depend on 
translation and interpretation. The Russian speakers with whom I have 
been in contact interpret it the same.

The question is only whether DST was in force, and had to be applied in 
addition to the standard time.

For the later government decisions it has been deduced that DST was to 
be added to the GMT + 2h standard time, introduced on 1 July 1990, 
making the effective time difference after 1 July 1990 GMT + 3h, for 
Kiev, and ending that on last Sunday in September 1991.

The evidence for that is conclusive.

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