[tz] Tennessee time

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Mar 2 19:12:09 UTC 2014

Matt Johnson wrote:
> I believe Rep. Todd is mistaken in his assertion that staying on DST
> year-round would give more daylight to schoolchildren waiting at the bus
> stop in the morning.  Wouldn't it actually work in reverse?

This was noted during debate on the bill.  Rep. Kent Williams of 
Elizabethton asked, "Does this actually give us an extra hour of 
sunlight?" and then suggested that maybe Tennessee could legislate to 
have six months of daylight and six months of darkness.

The Tennessean ran a poll in which "yes" meant you preferred an extra 
hour of sunlight, and "no" meant you liked things the way they are. 
Seriously.  As of today 66% voted for extra sunlight, 29% for leaving 
things alone, and 5% undecided.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the confusion, the bill passed its 
subcommittee vote and will go to the full committee.

Sisk C. TN lawmakers skeptical of proposed changes to daylight saving 
time. The Tennessean 2014-02-15. 

POLL: Under a proposed bill, Tennesseans would stop adjusting their 
clocks twice a year. What do you think of it? Tennessean 2015-02-15. 

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