[tz] West Virginia broadcasters 1946 DST proposal

Garrett Wollman wollman at csail.mit.edu
Sat Mar 8 03:52:55 UTC 2014

Quoting from /Broadcasting * Telecasting/ of March 18, 1946:

	In a move believed to be unprecedented in radio, the
	newly-formed West Virginia Broadcasting Assn., comprising all
	stations in the state, will adopt daylight savings time form
	April 28 through Sept. 29 -- although West Virginia clocks
	will remain on standard time throughout that period.

	The time change was unanimously voted by the broadcasters at a
	meeting held in Charleston March 9.  Representatives of all of
	the state's 14 stations agreed to the resolution.  On March
	12, all stations included the resolution in all newscasts.

	Under the plan, radio clocks will be changed to conform to
	network clocks [ed: the networks observed New York City time,
	which had DST in 1946] when time change occurs.  This means
	that, unless the West Virginia legislature takes action to the
	contrary during a special session to be held in two weeks,
	West Virginians will have two time schedules -- that decreed by
	the state an that observed by radio.

			  Time Announcements
	Participating stations will give time-announcements by the
	radio clock; they will make no rate adjustments, since their
	proposition is based on the assumption that West Virginia
	timekeepers are out of step with radio -- not vice versa.

The article goes on to quote the full text of the resolution.


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