[tz] Time on Johnston Island

Lyle lmc at ashabon.com
Wed Mar 12 02:59:58 UTC 2014

While doing research on atomic bomb testing, I found that at one point, when JI was being used for that testing, the time being used was not Hawaiian time but rather the same time being used on the ships, which had a GMT offset of -11 hours. This apparently applied to at least the time from Operation Newsreel (Hardtack I/Teak shot, 1968-8-1) to the last Operation Fishbowl shot (Tightrope, 1962-11-4). The document that lead us to that conclusion is by Herman Hoerlin, "The United States High-Altitude Test Experience: A Review Emphasizing the Impact on the Environment", Los Alamos LA-6405, Oct 1976. Fas.org/sgo/othergov/doe/lanl/docs1/00322994.pdf. See the table on page 4 where he lists GMT and local times for the tests; a footnote for the JI tests reads that local time is "JI time = Hawaii Time Minus One Hour".

A little give-back for the use of your database in informing the atomic test tables on Wikipedia. Thanks. 

Lyle McElhaney
Lmc at ashabon.com

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