[tz] Crimea to switch to Moscow Time as of March 30, 2014

Alois Treindl alois at astro.ch
Mon Mar 17 17:39:15 UTC 2014

I would not worry about that. If it comes from Google translation: I 
have observed that it tends to say things like '2 pm' when the Russian 
(or Ukrainian) original simply said '2 o'clock'.

On 17.03.14 15:33, Paul Eggert wrote:

> Thanks for the heads-up.  That notice says that they'll switch to Moscow
> Time at 2pm, which means they'd advance their clocks by an hour once at
> 01:00 UTC (03:00 local time) and once again at 14:00 local time.  Do you
> think they'll really do that, or do you think that the notice or
> translation is incorrect and Crimea will simply advance the clocks by
> two hours at 01:00 UTC (03:00 local time)?

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