[tz] Crimea to switch to Moscow Time as of March 30, 2014

lennox at cs.columbia.edu lennox at cs.columbia.edu
Thu Mar 20 15:50:39 UTC 2014

On Wednesday, March 19 2014, "Paul Eggert" wrote to "Alexander Krivenyshev, tz at iana.org" saying:

> Thanks again.  I pushed the attached patch to the experimental 
> repository, and we'll need to generate a new official release soon.

> +RU	+4457+03406	Europe/Simferopol	Moscow+00 - Crimea

> -UA	+4457+03406	Europe/Simferopol	central Crimea

I see you're assuming that Europe/Simferopol covers all of Crimea, not just
"central Crimea".  Have we confirmed that this is in fact exactly the same
area that engaged in the 1994-1997 switch to Moscow time?  And if so, why
did the region end up being described as "central Crimea" in zone.tab?

I note also that Sevastopol is slightly larger in population than
Simferopol, according to Wikipedia (though they're pretty close), and I
would assert is better-known in English.  I'm worried that the choice of
Simferopol as the representative for "central Crimea" meant that Sevastopol
did *not* engage in the 1994-1997 time change.

Jonathan Lennox
lennox at cs.columbia.edu

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