[tz] Troll throws zic for a loop

Bengt-Inge Larsson bengt-inge at tele2.se
Fri Mar 21 06:42:05 UTC 2014

I would like to suggest not commenting out Antarctica/Troll, but for the 
time being have it as UTC+0 only,
or UTC+0 during European winter time and UTC+2 during European summer time.

I suggested adding Troll as representing Antarctic stations near zero 
longitude, as there were none before.
Better than nothing.

Bengt-Inge Larsson

From: "Paul Eggert" <eggert at cs.ucla.edu>
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2014 4:12 AM
To: "Zefram" <zefram at fysh.org>
Cc: <tz at iana.org>; "Paul-Inge Flakstad" <flakstad at npolar.no>; "Bengt-Inge 
Larsson" <bengt-inge at tele2.se>; "Arthur David Olson" 
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Subject: Re: [tz] Troll throws zic for a loop

> Zefram wrote:
>> Attached patch implements.  I didn't touch localtime.c yet.
> Thanks for looking into it; that helps quite a bit.
> I'm reluctant to have localtime.c invoke malloc, since that'd be a new
> way for localtime to fail; it's purposely designed to not malloc unless
> the builder #defines ALL_STATE.  If mad scientists in Antarctica keep
> cooking up new ways to tell time we may have to do something more
> drastic, but for now bumping TZ_MAX_TIMES a bit should be a relatively
> painless way forward.
> The new Antarctica/Troll entry would be rejected by current 'zic'
> implementations, so it may be prudent to comment it out at first, and
> let the new 'zic' propagate for a bit, before uncommenting it in a later
> relese.
> As you mention, if Antarctica/Troll is built by a new 'zic', GNU/Linux
> will operate correctly on it but 2014a-or-earlier localtime will
> silently treat it as if it were UTC.  I have verified that Solaris 11
> localtime has similar problems, and I expect other implementations will
> too.  As the issue is limited to one small station in Antarctica I
> suppose it's not a big deal.
> For now I installed the attached patches to the experimental version on
> github.  These should fix the bugs mentioned in this area, along with
> some further gotchas that I noticed will reviewing and improving the
> patches.  Further comments welcome.

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