[tz] tz changes linux debian caused sync diff

John D. Hendrickson and Sara Darnell johnandsara2 at cox.net
Tue Mar 25 17:45:13 UTC 2014


first background the Question is last

i just spent an hour trying to edit America/New_York only to find US 
had been changed

my two hosts disagreed by 1 hr and daylight savings time but not UTC

prev US section used "max".  apparently (i dont' have all tz 
revisions) someone change the last US rule

this changes assumptions made in all rules of states using US in their 

meaning one host assumes NY follows US from (19xx) forward, so does 
the other: but since US chaned they are an hour off


	why was that a good idea ?

	and what if new Rules file becomes incompat
	with my libc and i cannot zic/compile
	and load "new localtime assumptions" ??

	it seems rediculous however i'm guessing
	there is a good answer

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