[tz] [Patch] Make it slightly easier to parse tzdata

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sat Nov 1 20:24:34 UTC 2014

Brian Inglis wrote:
> This would require a tradeoff between the compiled sizes of the
> decompressors on your platform and the compressed data:
>   94K tz.tar.xz

We can shrink it even further than that, as follows:

     africa antarctica asia australasia
     europe northamerica southamerica
   sed '
     s/^/ /
     s/$/ /
     s/[[:blank:]]\{1,\}/ /g
     s/ $//
     s/^ //
   ' $files |

That is, before compressing, omit backward-compatibility material, commentary, 
and unnecessary white space and zeros.  On my platform, the above command 
outputs 21,831 bytes total.

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