[tz] Russian time zone rules change

Carl Rigg cwrigg at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 22:42:29 UTC 2014

My apologies if this is not the correct way to notify this change 
[please let
me know what I should have done].

In 2010 President Medvedev passed an act to introduce permanent Summer Time
in Russia, effective March 2011 [according to the normal DST switching 

In 2014 this act was repealed, so that the normal DST switch back to 
standard time
occurred on the last Sunday in October 2014. The new act eliminates 
future DST switching.
The new act applies to all Russian time zones. This means that Moscow 
Time is
now fixed at 3 hours ahead of UTC.

I looked on iana.org and the last released version of tzdata is tzdata2014i
but it still contains the Medvedev act rules and not the state of 
affairs since Oct 26, 2014.



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