[tz] Russian time zone rules change

Paul Goyette pgoyette at juniper.net
Thu Nov 6 13:57:55 UTC 2014

This seems to come up a lot recently.

Maybe just a short comment in the file would mitigate future inquiries?


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On Wed, Nov 5, 2014, at 17:42, Carl Rigg wrote:
> I looked on iana.org and the last released version of tzdata is
> tzdata2014i
> but it still contains the Medvedev act rules and not the state of 
> affairs since Oct 26, 2014.

I think the confusion comes from the fact that the rules section does
not include a change because by longstanding policy "permanent summer
time" and "standard time" are both regarded as standard time by the
tzdata project, so the change is reflected as an offset change from 4:00
to 3:00 under Europe/Moscow (and other Russian zones), and not a rule
change under Russia.

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