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Sat Oct 4 06:43:02 UTC 2014

On 2014-10-03 19:25, Trần Ngọc Quân wrote:
> On 04/10/2014 01:08, Paul Eggert wrote:
>> The real jewel here is the indirect reference to the authoritative
>> source"Lịch Việt Nam: thế kỉ XX–XXI (1901–2100) & Niên Biểu Lịch Sử
>> Việt Nam" (2014)
>> <http://bookaholic.vn/lich-viet-nam-the-ki-xx-xxi-1901-2100-va-bien-bieu-lich-su-viet-nam/>.
>> I'd like to verify the information from this source if possible.  For
>> example, if I'm reading the website correctly the 1906 transition was
>> on July 1, not June 9,
> Yes, you right
>> but I'd like to check that against the book.  I have requested a copy
>> of the book from my library; it has a 2005 edition, which should
>> suffice for our needs.
> You just compare date on this book with
> <http://www.thoigian.com.vn/?mPage=P80D01>.
> Unfortunately, the library near me don't have this book. "National
> Library of Vietnam" has three book of 2005 edition, but I'm not in Hanoi
> now. So you have to verify it by yourself. If every thing is OK, I will
> change both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. If you can't read it, I will try
> to find people who can help us.

Rough facts in the linked passage via Google translate cleaned up (especially random month/day switches):

On 01.07.1906
When completed construction Observatory Phu Lien, Indochina government decree dated 09.06.1906 (Official Gazette dated 18.06.1906 Indochina) fixed now legal for all countries of Indochina under the meridian passing through Phu Lien (104°17'17" east of Paris) from 0 hours on 01.07.1906.

On 01.05.1911
After France signed the Treaty of international time zones, according to a decree dated 06.04.1911 (Indo Gazette on 13.4.1911-page 803) taken under the provisions of the new time zone 7 hours (from meridian line passing through Greenwich) for all countries of Indochina starting at 0 hours on 1.5.1911.

On 01.01.1943
The French government issued a decree dated 23.12.1942 (Official Gazette dated 30.12.1942 Indochina) link Indochina in 8 time zone and the clock is so advanced by 60 minutes at 23 hours on 31.12.1942.

On 14.03.1945
On 09.03.1945 Japanese invaded and forced French Indochina to the time zone of Tokyo (Japan) ie ninth time zone so time officially was advanced quickly on again 1 hour at 23 hours on 14.03.1945 .

On 02.09.1945
After the August Revolution Provisional Government of Vietnam Democratic Republic claims made ​​7 hour time zone official (Ordinance No. year / SL of the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

On 01.04.1947
According to the decree dated 28.3.1947 of the colonial government (Official Gazette dated 14.10.1947 Indochina), then in the occupied areas in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is now officially eighth time zone from date 1.4.1947. But in the liberated areas remains seventh time zone and after the Geneva Agreement for liberated areas in the north also time zone 7 (Hanoi and Hai Phong from the end of months 10.1954 5.1955); Laos separately return to seventh time zone on 15.4.1955.

On 01.07.1955
South Vietnam back to seventh time zone from 0 hours on 01.07.1955.

On 01.01.1960
Saigon government decree dated 30.12.1959 No. 362-TTP rules now official time zone South Vietnam is eighth, promptly advancing the clock by 1 hour from 23hours night of 31.12.1959 (ie, 0 hours on 1.1.1960)

On 31.12.1967
The Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in Decision 121 / CP dated 8.8.1967 confirmed the country's official time is seventh time zone from 0 hours on 1.1.1968.

On 13.06.1975
After the South was completely liberated, the provisional revolutionary government issued a formal decision and went back to the seventh hour time zone in Saigon returning again to 1 hour later.

(According Calendar Vietnam XX-XXI century, author Master Tran Tien Binh, state board schedule)

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis

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