[tz] Utah may drop DST

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Oct 16 06:31:58 UTC 2014

The Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development, pursuant to a bill passed 
last year by the state legislature, polled citizens and held public meetings 
about daylight saving time.  They got more than 27,000 responses, including 
13,000 written comments totaling 574,000 words.  The results:

67% preferred Mountain Standard Time (UTC-7) all year (like Arizona)
18% preferred daylight time (UTC-6) all year, essentially Central Standard Time
15% liked the current spring-forward/fall-back system

The main argument of the majority was convenience.  The tourism and recreation 
industries prefer daylight saving, though, and will lobby against switching to 
MST all year if (as seems likely) an MST bill is introduced in the legislature.

My source:

Davidson L. Something new under the sun: Utah may dump daylight saving time. 
Salt Lake Tribune 2014-10-15 

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