[tz] Utah may drop DST

random832 at fastmail.us random832 at fastmail.us
Thu Oct 16 14:42:44 UTC 2014

On Thu, Oct 16, 2014, at 10:32, Paul_Koning at dell.com wrote:
> There is no way to automate this.  The source material for the TZ
> database is human action — mostly the decisions of politicians, made up
> when they feel like it and announced anywhere from years to minutes ahead
> of time.  The only possible way to update the TZ database is to find news
> about those actions, translate them from legalese into TZ syntax, and
> edit the database text.
> 	paul

No, I think he's suggesting having people manually set their clocks, and
then to build the rules for showing past timestamps retroactively by
collecting data from their manually set clocks. It's a ridiculous idea,
but not for the reasons you are saying.

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