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                In the mean-time I found

which has stuff I am chewing on now.

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The commentary in the relevant portions of the 'europe' file attempts to detail the scope of each zone, in terms of the political subdivisions of Russia.

Back in August, Blake Crosby and I had a brief discussion about how to find good geometries for these subdivisions, but we hadn't found much.
Eric Muller has created shapefiles in the past for some versions of tz data.  On his http://efele.net/maps/tz/russia/ page, he shares an "ingredients" file at http://efele.net/maps/tz/russia/tz_russia_ingredients.zip which may be of some use.

Tim Parenti

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Also, how to determine borders for Zabaykalsky Krai

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How to determine borders for these new zones?
Two zones are added:
Asia/Chita (split from Asia/Yakutsk, and also with two hours subtracted) and
Asia/Srednekolymsk (split from Asia/Magadan, but with only one hour subtracted).
Jim Marvel

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