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Sorry for the poor choice of the word "guess".  What I meant to say is that
the political structure is not as stable as desirable even though they are
based upon man made laws.  BTW, I wrote the Terran Atlas based upon this
database.  Some of us are very interested in keeping an accurate history
even though most users on this list probably have no use for data that is
more than a month old.

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> On Oct 16, 2014, at 2:42 PM, Zoidsoft <zoidsoft at gmail.com> wrote:
> > ...
> > No, I'm suggesting that we collect data from systems that show user
> manual adjustments.  There are many different uses for this data and I
> wasn't focusing on the use of current data, but of past time stamps.  I'm a
> developer of software using astronomical calculations to accurately
> represent the sky and I have done this with my devices when they are
> wrong.  Of course this will not solve the problem of future time zone info,
> but since it is the future, these are always guesses anyway and such info
> will only be as reliable as the political structure.  If such a system
> could be perfected, we could at least take some of the workload off Paul
> for time changes up to the present.
> But while those changes are ongoing work, they aren’t the hard part.  The
> hard part is the mad scramble when a rule is changed with little lead
> time.  Also, it is the future changes that matter most; the historic stuff
> is usually quite accurate for recent years, and less and less critical for
> dates further into the past.
> Note that future entries are not “always guesses”.  Just the opposite:
> they are guesses only in a few cases where we’ve had insufficient
> information.  Apart from those unusual cases, the future rules reflect the
> known published laws or regulations.  Of course, those are subject to
> change and we don’t know about that until it is announced, but even so the
> term “guesses” is quite inaccurate.
>         paul
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