[tz] [Patch] Make it slightly easier to parse tzdata

Garrett Wollman wollman at csail.mit.edu
Fri Oct 31 21:12:15 UTC 2014

<<On Fri, 31 Oct 2014 17:02:55 -0400, random832 at fastmail.us said:

> On Fri, Oct 31, 2014, at 10:56, Ed Schouten wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Right now I am experimenting with trying to integrate the tzdata
>> dataset into an embedded setup where I am not able to use zic(8) +
>> /usr/share/zoneinfo.

> I'm not sure I understand why you can't use the zoneinfo files, built
> elsewhere?

Especially since, even if you have no filesystem, they can be compiled
into your executable.  (And the compiled format is
architecture-independent, so the same data files can be used on any

It is really unfortunate that so many people insist on reinventing the


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