[tz] Kyiv time zone

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Wed Apr 1 06:04:27 UTC 2015

* Paul Eggert:

> Tim Parenti wrote:
>> I'd be interested in any
>> insights he might have to share about the Kolkata change.
> If memory serves that was Arthur David Olson's decision when he was
> maintainer, but I can share my two cents.  In English, the name
> "Kolkata" is far more common than "Calcutta" nowadays, so a name
> change was in order.  In contrast, "Kiev" is far more common than
> "Kyiv", so a name change does not seem appropriate.

New articles using the “Kiev” spelling are still being published on
*.gov.ua web sites, which suggests to me that the case against “Kiev”
isn't as clear-cut even for the current government.  It's also not
practical to edit the TZ spelling each time a new government is

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