[tz] Belarus is listed in MSK timezone

Dzmitry Kazimirchyk dkazimirchyk at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 00:08:38 UTC 2015

On 04/04/2015 02:46 AM, Paul Eggert wrote:
> Sure, and that's because timeanddate.com got the Pitcairn abbreviation
> from us, just as it got many of its other abbreviations from us.  We
> shouldn't use timeanddate.com as a primary source for our abbreviations
> (that would just be an echo-chamber), nor should we expect
> timeanddate.com to adjust immediately to a change in the experimental
> version of the tz commentary that was made just a couple of days ago.
> Instead, we can give the commentary change some time to propagate, and
> see what happens.

timeanddate.com was just the first link I found and I used it only to 
show the generic issue. Even if timeanddate.com keeps itself in sync 
with TZ database and will eventually update, most of the resources are 
not updating very often or not syncing to TZ database at all, moreover 
public knowledge and association of MSK with "Moscow time" will not 
change in years to come or even change at all. I still don't think that 
it is right to use MSK for "Minsk time", as I've said there is a 
complete lack of awareness or any association of MSK with "Minsk time" 
and I don't think that TZ database alone has ability to change that.

> There's no rush.  After all, a nice property of the change is that the
> data entries in the existing stable release already conform to the
> changed documentation, and that makes for less technical hassle for
> everybody involved.

I think that technical hassle is not the biggest issue in current situation.

Dzmitry Kazimirchyk

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