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Leonardo Brondani Schenkel leonardo at schenkel.net
Wed Apr 15 11:56:27 UTC 2015

As a different example, China changed the transliteration of Peking to
Beijing but the Portuguese name (at least in Brazil) is still "Pequim"
and I presume that it will take many decades for "Beijing" to become
mainstream... if it ever happens.

// Leonardo.

On 31/03/15 21:04, Paul Ganssle wrote:
> All of which has no bearing on the mainstream English spelling of the
> city. There's also an Asia/Saigon instead of Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh_City and
> Asia/Rangoon instead of Asia/Yangon. There's no reason to read any
> political meaning into the English word - it's just what
> English-speaking people call it.
> I notice that you seem to have failed to change your cut-and-paste, but
> my guess is that your arguments won't fly over on Wikipedia either,
> because, as in this case, maximizing clarity and minimizing confusion is
> what's important in this application, not some more general concept of
> social justice.
> On 3/29/2015 15:33, sam.ua wrote:
>> Dear Florian.
>> perhaps you are not aware of the history between Ukraine and Russia.
>> Let me remind you that Moscow has pursued the destruction of Ukraine,
>> Ukrainians and the Ukrainian language and culture for many centuries. 
>> This ethnic cleansing continues today with the Russification of 
>> Ukraine. Once you destroy a nation's identity --their language,
>> culture and history, it's quite easy to convert them into mindless
>> robots, who are easy prey for the imperialist.  Even in 1991, as we
>> achieved our long overdue independence , Ukrane was  over 80-90%
>> pro-Russian. after two plus decades those same people, who were once
>> slaves to the empire, have been schooled on the true history of
>> Ukraine and understand just how devious Moscow was in it's ethnic
>> cleansing of the Ukrainian people. Little over a year ago we got rid
>> of the last remaining remnant of that Soviet-Russian past  - the Putin
>> puppet Yanykovych. Our cities are nearly rid of Lenin and Stalin - two
>> monsters that murdered tens of millions of Ukrainians, but as the
>> links you provided show, that past is still a part of the present. We
>> are gradually getting rid of it. The issue of Kyiv vs Kiev is
>> precisely the past vs the present. Kyiv is today, it's also what it
>> was in the old Ruthenian-Ukrainian chronicles that date back to the
>> 9th century. It became Kiev under Russian rule and now it's once again
>> Kyiv. 
>> The war in Eastern Ukraine - the invasion by Russia, is a last attempt
>> too keep Ukraine under Russia's orbit. we don't want that. My
>> generation doesn't want that. Once again Kyiv vs Kiev is a part of
>> that ugly past. I can promise you that all of our sites will one day
>> be Kyiv and that the term will be the one used wide-spread and
>> worldwide. But we need to do this one step at a time and wikipedia is
>> a big part of this. This has to be corrected and the general
>> population will then become familiar and accept the new word, it's
>> very easy to spell and pronounce.
>> I kindly ask that you respect our history, our past and what is
>> currently happening in eastern Ukraine. it's no accident that where
>> the Russian population - 15% of Ukraine's population. lives and
>> breathes, there is a war. the same way Stalin killed my forefathers
>> and replaced them with Russians from Russia, we are battling for the
>> existence of our own unique identity.
>> Kyiv is and will always be the proper transliterated version of our
>> capital. there is no argument today that can supercede that.
>> Thank you kindly,
>> Simon Kostenko
>> ---- On сб, 28 бер 2015 11:27:35 +0200 *Florian
>> Weimer<fw at deneb.enyo.de>* wrote ----
>>     * Simon:
>>     >> Many government web sites in the Ukraine still use the “Kiev”
>>     >> transliteration
>>     > For example?
>>     “While the Obama administration has publicly acknowledged it is
>>     considering supplying Kiev with arms, backed by hardline EU countries
>>     like Poland and Lithuania, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has
>>     vehemently opposed the move.”
>>     <http://www.kmu.gov.ua/control/en/publish/article?art_id=248025420>

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