[tz] Belarus is listed in MSK timezone

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Apr 23 20:59:08 UTC 2015

On 23/04/15 19:34, Dzmitry Kazimirchyk wrote:
> I understand that not being a member of TZ community I might not know
> certain things about TZ database practices, but am I really the only one
> finding this whole situation strange?

If one was to start again, then the software would probably not be
designed around abbreviations, but it is probably that most early users
were more interested in daylight saving changes and ignored the static
tz offsets at all. If anything needs 'fixing' it's the need for an
abbreviation at all when a location only has a fixed time offset. It IS
only you who is trying to read more into the situation than actually
exists ... in the absence of a documented answer we just use something
to fill the hole, and MSK was correct at a point in history.

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