[tz] North Korea ultimatum deadline time confusion

Alexander Krivenyshev worldtimezone at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 21 20:13:32 UTC 2015

Paul Eggert <eggert <at> cs.ucla.edu> writes:


> North Korea has delivered a 48-hour ultimatum to the South Korean Defense 

> Ministry, saying that it will respond militarily unless South Korea stops 

> broadcasting propaganda via loudspeakers over the border.  There seems to 

> some confusion about the ultimatum's exact deadline.  Ju-Min Park and 

> Person of Reuters report that although the ultimatum 
is "uncharacteristically 

> specific", the deadline is "around 5 p.m. (0800 GMT) on Saturday in 

> Could the time confusion be due to the recent time zone change in North 

Here is from Shanghai Daily:


Top DPRK leader Kim Jong Un chaired an emergency enlarged meeting of the 
central military commission of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea late 
Thursday, ordering frontline combined forces to enter state of war from 5 
p.m. (0830 GMT) Friday. 

Unless South Korea stops the propaganda broadcasts within 48 hours from 5 
p.m. (0800 GMT) Thursday, the DPRK will launch military actions, according 
to an ultimatum sent Thursday via military hotline by the general staff 
department of the Korean People's Army to the South Korean defense 
ministry. Last weekend, the DPRK threatened indiscriminate strikes against 
the loudspeakers, which Pyongyang demanded to be dismantled. 

Alexander Krivenyshev,


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