[tz] DST in the US 1945-1966

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Jun 4 02:50:51 UTC 2015

Matt Johnson wrote:
> I'm wondering if we have any additional details about the localities that adopted DST during this period and those that did not?

Yes, I have a copy of Shanks's American Atlas, which has 617 8.5x11" pages of 
closely spaced 3-column data that cover the period in question.  Shanks has an 
entry for Nashville's time zone history, along with entries for thousands of 
other locations in Tennessee.

I'm happy, to be honest, that all this stuff is out of scope for the tz 
database, as it'd be a lot of work to verify it.  Quite possibly a lot of it is 
wrong, though I expect the American Atlas is more reliable than Shanks's 
International Atlas.

The situation for Nashville was particularly tricky.  See:


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