[tz] Question about IANA time zone names

Avila, Edgar EDGAR.AVILA at aciworldwide.com
Thu May 14 20:20:58 UTC 2015

Hi, I'm a software engineer working on the data modeling group. We are trying to figure out how the IANA time zone names can be described on our message model. At the modem it seems that the time zone names such as America/Costa_Rica or Japan are just a string without restrictions. We wonder whether there is a restriction such as maximum length of characters, pattern of characters to allow, etc.

One more question, is it really America/Costa_Rica or Japan a name or an ID?

The following is the description we have today in one of our schemas:

   <xs:simpleType name="IANATimeZoneId_Type">
                Timezone Id represented by IANA.
        <xs:restriction base="xs:string"/>

Thanks in advance
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